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Latest news on KLINGER Group

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Securing Puerto Madryn's water supply

KLINGER Argentina and Servicecoop's swift action to address seasonal water demands

Beneath the surface – mining expertise across continents

With thriving projects across multiple materials and continents, KLINGER mining experts know that success lies just beneath the surface.

PFAS Update: PTFE is vital for today's industries

The critical role of PTFE in today's industry in the midst of the PFAS debate.

10 years of KLINGER Advantage: A leading provider in fluid control

Focusing on safety and plant reliability, KLINGER Advantage has become an important partner for various industries in the U.S. Gulf Coast region. An interview with General Manager Steve Stratton.

Elevating energy solutions: KLINGER South Africa’s strategic acquisition of Intertherm

In an era where synergy drives success, KLINGER South Africa’s latest acquisition signifies more than just a business move. It is a fusion of shared visions, aspirations, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

“Alas, no magic wand”: 100 days as ESG Manager

Yusuf Avci has settled into in his new position: Responsible for sustainability within the KLINGER Group, his role is to juggle issues ranging from reporting to emissions, and the circular economy.

Rubber gaskets for solar power

Swiss manufacturer 3S Swiss Solar Solutions installs its in-roof PV systems using rubber gaskets from KLINGER Gysi. These reliably waterproof the solar roofs.

Pedal power - how KLINGER Belgium is building schools in Africa

As Frank Dezwarte bikes his way across Africa, he leaves nothing than joy behind

25 ball valves for Rostock’s largest heat storage facility

Reliability and availability: the large industrial valves from KLINGER Fluid Control help ensure the safe operation of a large heat storage facility in Rostock, Germany.

Energy transition in Austria

Vienna is a leading European player in advancing sustainable energy sources and technologies. Swiss energy experts had a look behind the scenes.

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