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First CSP-plant in Brazil operates with KLINGER

First CSP-plant in Brazil operates with KLINGER

KVN piston globe valves support a large heliothermal power plant in Rosana, São Paulo.

ebswien Heat Pump - From Waste Water to District Heating

From Wastewater to District Heating – the Role of Large-scale Heat Pumps in the Energy Transition

At Wien Energie, Georg Danzinger is working on the future of district heating. A plant with up to seven large-scale heat pumps is being built in Vienna.

KLINGER Finland Wins EcoVadis Gold for Green Business

KLINGER Finland receives Gold-Level EcoVadis certificate

How does KLINGER Finland prioritize environmental responsibility? Explore our ISO-certified operations and EcoVadis Gold-level standing.

The Pivotal Role of Ball Valves in Hydrogen Storage

The role of KLINGER ball valves in hydrogen refueling stations

Refueling Hydrogen Trains: Dive into the challenges of refueling hydrogen-powered trains and how KLINGER ball valves provide efficient solutions.

20 Years of Success: KLINGER & Groupe Efire's Shared History

Two decades of collaboration call for celebration

Celebrating 20 years of innovation: Groupe Efire and KLINGER's enduring partnership, driving industries forward with top-notch sealing solutions.

KLINGER's Pioneering Role in the Green Hydrogen Surge

From gray to green: KLINGER's expertise in hydrogen applications

KLINGER's legacy in hydrogen technology: KLINGER defines industry standards with INTEC ball valves and gasket solutions for hydrogen processing

Township Help: KLINGER Gysi's Aid in South Africa

KLINGER Gysi: fostering hope in South Africa

Township Help Initiative: Discover KLINGER Gysi's support for a heartfelt initiative in South Africa, inspired by an employee's genuine compassion.

KLINGER Brazil and HSV Unite for Breast Cancer Awareness

KLINGER Brazil joins fight against breast cancer

Join the movement at KLINGER Brazil as employees share their personal journeys with breast cancer and donate scarves & turbans to inspire others.

The Impact of Methane Leaks: Consequences and Solutions

Methane emissions: tackling the invisible threat

Addressing methane leaks effectively: Strategies for mitigation. Discover advanced technologies and solutions offered by Atmeco Integrity Services.

Behind the Scenes of Gasket R&D with Jane Abi Aad

How to succeed as a woman in R&D

Bridging gender gaps in the gasket industry: Meet Jane Abi Aad, a leading force in gasket R&D, making strides in the male-dominated STEM field

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