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Advances in hot water technology

KLINGER Gebetsroither is conquering new markets in the field of hot water and heating systems. It has already made a successful start in Germany, where the focus is on growth in the district heating sector as a viable alternative to oil and gas – and to drive the energy transition.

Female Engineering: Under Pressure

An expert in overcoming obstacles, Pauline Wingrove-Botha has made an art of rising to the occasion.

Rugged and Capable: Ball Valves for District Heating

The Monoball KHO from KLINGER Fluid Control has been designed to withstand the challenging conditions of district heating applications. Durability, reliability and robustness are of the essence here.

Pioneering social enterprise in Taiwan with KLINGER Die Erste

Aaron Tseng has found his mission: He collaborates with the Association of Sustainable Social Enterprise of Taiwan (ASSET) to drive social innovation.

Tested gaskets enhance the safety in hydrogen applications

Hydrogen system operators increasingly demand reliable tightness of gaskets. KLINGER Dichtungstechnik can provide customers with exact characteristics data based on detailed test procedures.

Connecting Flanges: 10 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Learn the correct methods for making flange connections and avoid common mistakes with bolts and gaskets.

Navigating fluid dynamics

In the realm of fluid handling, each industry faces its unique set of challenges. Delve into the specialized needs and learn about the critical role of valves and gaskets in maintaining operational integrity, safety, and sustainability.

Securing Puerto Madryn's water supply

KLINGER Argentina and Servicecoop's swift action to address seasonal water demands

Beneath the surface – mining expertise across continents

With thriving projects across multiple materials and continents, KLINGER mining experts know that success lies just beneath the surface.

PFAS Update: PTFE is vital for today's industries

The critical role of PTFE in today's industry in the midst of the PFAS debate.

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