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Latest news on KLINGER Group

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Hands-on hydro training lab for mechanical engineering students

KLINGER sponsors the hydro lab at HTL St. Pölten with a Ballostar KHA ✔ Hydropower valve ✔ Plus actuator ✔ Plus electrical engineering

215 square meters test laboratory at KLINGER Schöneberg

New test laboratory at KLINGER Schöneberg: ✔ Leak tightness test bench ✔ Life cycle test bench ✔ Torque behavior test bench ✔ Analysis station ✔ TTC ✔ Fire Safe Tests

Digitalization and automation in gasket production at KLINGER

Digital transformation at KLINGER Dichtungstechnik: ✔ Software supported gasket production ✔ Automated manufacturing process ✔ Digital quality management

KLINGER Denmark serves geothermal systems in Iceland

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland as well as four district heating lines of Rejkavik are supported by KLINGER's Ballostar valves.

KLINGERSIL gasket product family - Asbestos-free for 40 years

KLINGER celebrates 40 years of its flagship gasket. KLINGERSIL revolutionized the gasket market in 1982 thanks to aramid fibers instead of asbestos.

Smarter heating - sustainable & efficient district heating solutions

Expansion of Austria's district heating networks: 150 sustainable projects are on the rise. This also means an increased demand for piping components.

CEO interview: 'We see ourselves as a solution provider'

Interview with KLINGER CEOs Christoph Klinger-Lohr and Daniel Schibli: Looking back at 2021 and previewing 2022 at the KLINGER Group

Key benefits of KLINGER and Raízen business partnership

KLINGER Argentina serviced and supplied the energy provider Raízen. A deal aimed at savings, speed, scheduling, safety and service benefits.

KLINGER Italy acquires gasket manufacturer Spiralit

Spiralit joins the KLINGER Group. Product range: ✓ soft gaskets ✓ spiral wound ✓ kammprofile ✓ metallic gaskets ✓ packings ✓ seal rings

Maintenance service for Abengoa's thermal solar tower plant

KLINGER South Africa provides timely maintenance to Abengoa's Khi Solar One’s solar plant valves. Tear down and refurbishment service for 63 valves.

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