Discover the KLINGER Group

The KLINGER Group is a global network of 45 manufacturing, sales and service entities. We offer sealing and fluid control solutions worldwide.

KLINGER Group offers a wide range of high-performance industrial gaskets and fluid control and monitoring systems that can be used in virtually all industries. Our goal is to provide reliable and customized solutions that meet the highest quality standards and are based on over 130 years of experience and expertise.

The KLINGER Group is a dynamic global manufacturing, service, and distribution network that provides a wide range of high-performance industrial gaskets, fluid control, and fluid monitoring systems that can be used in virtually any industry. Our goal is to be your reliable partner for innovative, sustainable, and customized solutions that meet the highest quality standards and draw on decades of experience and expertise in the industry. With KLINGER Group, you can discover a wide range of opportunities and benefit from our know-how and global network.

At KLINGER Group, our activities span across research and development, product application, manufacturing, and supply to plant monitoring, on-site maintenance, and seal rehabilitation. Our precise knowledge of the industrial equipment and processes used by our customers worldwide enables us to solve leakage problems efficiently and effectively with the best systems. We are committed to minimizing total operating costs and maximizing productivity for our clients.

Our global network of companies allows us to quickly identify emerging demand, understand detailed requirements, and offer suitable solutions. With a close-meshed and well-coordinated network, we can provide optimized supply chains, establish consignment and shared stock, and offer 24/7 gasket and fluid technology delivery. Our customers benefit from cross-company know-how in design, production, logistics, and service, especially for customer-specific solutions.

Whether you require standard solutions or customer-specific projects, KLINGER Group's manufacturing companies contribute their specialized knowledge to product development and manufacturing across 18 locations. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, reliable products and services that meet the demanding requirements of various industries worldwide. Trust KLINGER Group to be your partner for all your industrial gasket and fluid control needs.

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